For Kids
Acupuncture can provide a significant benefit for children
with allergy, asthma, indigestion, headache, pain, attention
deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), etc... How does
acupuncture work ?  Acupuncture promotes natural healing
in the body. It can enhance recuperative power and
immunity, support both physical and emotional health, and
improve overall function and well - being. Your acupuncturist
will begin by taking a full health history survey. Some of
which may include asking questions, assessing the pulses,
and/or looking at the tongue. These are effective diagnostic
tools that enable your acupuncturist to obtain a clear picture
of your child's overall health. If your child experiences signs
of weakness, or imbalance, your acupuncturist may use a
variety of gentle treatment methods to restore the balance
and flow of Qi. Some of these techniques may include
acupuncture, acupressure, and cupping.

Qi is the Life Energy that animates the body and protects it
from illness. It flows through a series of pathways called
Meridians, which provides nourishment for every cell,
tissue, organ, and gland. In order for a child to thrive and
remain healthy, every part of his or her body requires an
adequate and balanced supply of Qi flowing through it.
There are many things that can affect a child's Qi.

Accidents/Falls: Children often fall and hurt themselves.
Physical trauma blocks the free movement of Qi. Eventually,
this can lead to less-than-adequate nourishment for the
body and organ systems.

Environment: Exposure to environmental and chemical
hazards can have a direct impact upon a child's health. This
may make them susceptible to things like colds, allergies,
asthma and digestive troubles.

Diet: A diet lacking in proper nutrition  can affect organ
function and eventually overall health and well - being.
Acupuncture helps strengthen and support out - of - balance

Emotions: Children may experience unpleasant situations
that affect them emotionally. They can internalize the stress
from these situations, and over time, this stress can
manifest into various signs of symptoms.
For patients with sinus problems, I
usually insert almost painless needles
using local points around sinuses
and distant points along hands,
arms, and legs. Acupuncture
decreases swelling, improves
blood circulation, and strengthens
the body.
Some people think that acupuncture is
a painful or traumatic procedure, but
most of my patients barely feel the
insertion of the very thin needles. Also,
most of the needles I use have a
specific tube that presses on the skin
which decreases the pain signal from
getting to the parts of the brain that
perceive pain.

All kids are active and need
nutritional support. We care about
the health of your children. We
offer good quality organic whole
food vitamins, phytonutrients, and
minerals so that your child can be
happier, healthier and have
energy to grow.

Each child in our office enjoys a
highly individual treatment
program based on healthy diet,
proper nutrition, and acupuncture.
Kids generally respond very well to
acupuncture or acupressure, often
better than adults. Depending on
the Child's condition, I use hair
thin pressure needles, press
needles on tape, magnets, or
Facial Rejuvenation
Cupping Massage
Weight Loss
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