Frequently Asked Questions

Will this purification program help me lose weight?

You can achieve weight loss by eliminating high-calorie, refined, nutrient-poor foods. The
dietary component of the purification program is designed to be a nutrient-dense diet with the
added benefit of utilizing whole foods and whole food supplements to support detoxification.
The ideal weight management system is not a quick fix–instead it is a long-term commitment.
You will need to make lifestyle changes that will continue long after the purification process
has been completed. By following the Standard Process Purification Program recommended
by your health care professional, you will be working toward sustained, long-term weight
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Is exercise necessary? How much and what type is recommended?

Exercise facilitates the removal of toxins and it helps you manage a healthy weight. It is
recommended that you walk at least 30-45 minutes at least four days per week. Strenuous
exercise should be put on hold during the three-week period. Consult with your health care
professional if you are currently on a more strenuous exercise program that you would like to
maintain throughout the purification program.

How do I stick to the program when eating away from home?

Here are some tips to help you stay on track:

Plan your strategy before you leave home.

When choosing a restaurant, select one which serves foods that are on the   recommended
list. This will curb temptation.

When traveling, pack a cooler of foods, including fresh fruit and sliced raw vegetables–and
don't forget the water bottles.

When attending a social gathering, bring a dish to pass that you know would be acceptable,
like a fruit/veggie tray or chicken kabobs.

What supplements are taken during the program?

Cleanse® – purification
Complete™ – nutritious supplement shakes
Gastro-Fiber® – fiber support
Green Food™ – phytonutrients

Can I take my regular supplements/medication on the program?

Please contact your health care professional before you begin your purification program.
They can help you decide what is right for you based on your health history,
supplements/medications you are taking, and health goals. Your health care professional may
recommend additional supplements to support you while on the program.
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Why can't I substitute different vegetables than what are outlined?

The vegetables cited in this program are recommended because of their high nutritive value
and their capacity to support detoxification. As with any radical diet change, please consult
your health care professional before starting this program.

What physical changes will I experience during purification?

Two of the main effects will be an increase in urination and bowel movements. This is a
natural effect of purifying and should not interfere with your daily activities. In rare cases, you
may experience a throbbing sensation in the head, generalized aches, itchy skin, rashes, or
fatigue. These are normal occurrences and will subside in a day or two.

Please talk with your health care professional if you have questions about how you are feeling
or what you are experiencing.
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What can I do if I am tired or lack energy while on the program?

You may be fatigued because your body may require a higher amount of protein while
purifying. Ask your health care professional about adding Whey Pro Complete to your
program. Whey Pro Complete is a powdered protein supplement that contains 15 grams of
protein per serving which should meet your protein requirements.
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What can I do for temporary constipation?

Remember to drink plenty of water–at least 64 ounces per day. If that doesn't help, eat plenty
of vegetables and fruits with high fiber content. You also can eat one beet daily to encourage
regular bowel movements.
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Do the purification products contain gluten?

Gluten is the substance remaining when the flour of wheat or other grain is washed to remove
the starch. We assay the products to determine the amount of gluten present. After rigorous
analysis, each product in the purification program contains less than 0.01% of gluten.

Why is there lactose in our program Complete?

Our program Complete is a nutritious supplement shake. Whey is a protein source found in
the shake and lactose is a nutrient found in the whey. There is approximately ½ gram of
lactose per shake.

Is the our program Purification Program vegetarian?

It is vegetarian (lacto-ovo), but not vegan. A lacto-ovo vegetarian will consume dairy products
and eggs, while a vegan restricts all animal products from the diet.

What if I am allergic to certain foods on the list?

If you suspect you are having a reaction to a specific food, refrain from eating it and consult
Dr Maya  about how to incorporate alternative food sources.
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