For many years I have suffered from chronic headaches.

None of the countless doctor visits, expensive tests or mind-altering medications have brought me
any relief. I did extensive internet research and figured that Acupuncture was my last hope.
My girlfriend had been a patient of Dr. Maya's and was very happy with the results of treatment for
her allergies and asthma. When she recommended Dr. Maya to me, I decided to give Acupuncture
a try.
Our first phone conversation left an impression that I had finally found the doctor who
actually wanted to and was capable of helping me.

She is an extremely nice, smart, compassionate and caring person. She is a great
listener and a rare friend-- A
THINKING DOCTOR. Unfortunately, there are not too
many doctors of this kind practicing medicine today. The fact that she was also an
MD really gave me confidence to trust her with my health.

I have been seeing Dr. Maya regularly for five weeks now and my headaches have
drastically reduced in pain and intensity. I am also having many days with no
headaches at all. I wish I had followed my girlfriend's advice about Dr. Maya sooner.

This doctor has given me back my life and my joy of living.

Thank you, Dr. Maya!

Sincerely, T.J., Washington, DC

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Doctor Maya Alishayeva
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