My wife and I have many illnesses, which we try to treat with traditional medicine –
prescription drugs.  Then, Dr.Marina Podval suggested we turn to a homeopathic doctor –
Maya Alishayeva, who specializes in acupuncture and supplements. She turned out to
be a very caring and helpful doctor.
We started seeing the results a month after the first visit.
My knee stopped hurting, my sleep normalized, and pain in my heart
All this, after I stopped taking alloupurinol; My stomach began working

We recommend Maya to all who need this kind of help. Her
diagnostic abilities are remarkable and she gives off a unique warmth
and positive energy. We are truly thankful to her for all she has done
for us.

Maya sees the patient as a person and honestly follows
Hippocrates’ old oath. Maya has earned her patients love and respect not only with her
vast knowledge, but also with her deep care, listening ear and kindness
toward those who come to her, her desire to heal and help all her
patients.  She is capable of healing and even preventing many terrible
We want to thank her for giving us back our mobility and with it –
our life.

Gennadiy & Nelya Sushanskiy, Brooklyn, NY

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Doctor Maya Alishayeva
MS, Dipl. AC., L.AC
National Board Certified Acupuncturist

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