A personal letter to Dr. Maya, reads:
Hi Maya,
I am writing to share our great news with you – I have delivered a healthy little girl (19“tall, 6lb
9oz) on May 16th. Michael and I could not be happier. Thanks to you, we have our little darling Judith.I
remember how you tried to calm me down when I met you for the first time just days after I had a miscarriage.

I was totally devastated. That pregnancy was a result of IVF [in vitro fertilization] and went well for the 12
weeks of my bedrest but then, suddenly, I started bleeding heavily and lost our baby… My husband and I were
both in an emotional disarray when we met you through a friend of ours, who had highly recommended you as
a doctor with a great big heart and serious knowledge of Chinese Medicine. Thank G-D, we have believed him
and made this call to you – one of the most important calls in our lives. You provided a wonderful service
calming my nerves down and getting my body ready for (what we thought then) another try of IVF.
But a real miracle happened – I got pregnant without any intervention and in less
then 4 months after my miscarriage! My Infertility Specialist MD was really surprised to find me
pregnant, but I know that it happened with G-D’s help and your outstanding care. Thank you for

It’s our privilege to know a great person like you! It’s also very comforting to know that we can
actually count on getting the qualified care of a true specialist if the need comes up.I hope all is well
with you and wish you great success with your career in Chinese Medicine and Nutritional
supplements. When it comes to helping people, you are the best!
We will always think of you as our true Angel.
Here is a picture of me with our baby. We are so happy.
Thanks again for your help Dr. Maya!                                 
                      Sincerely,  Susan, New Jersey

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