Wow, it is hard to believe I have only known Dr. Maya for 5 months!
I had to think hard to recall why I came to her in the first place
I feel so WELL now.  
My initial reason for the visit was an endless
stomach discomfort
which specialist told me I would have to manage the rest of my life
because there was no cure.  As the pain got worse they could
prescribe medication.  Not only was I no longer enjoying food,
I had reached the point where the thought of eating was becoming
a fearful task.  Social gatherings were spent trying to figure
out how I could enjoy the event without becoming ill or simply
not offending my host because I was frightened to eat.
When I heard my colleague talk about how she became pregnant
after Maya's treatment, I was intrigued.
I decided to give Maya a call and immediately made an appointment.  
Not only
am I pain free, I am enjoying food again!
Treatment for my allergies and migraine headaches have also
been successful.
I have also enjoyed wonderful compliments
after her
facial rejuvenations! The sense of Whole Wellness
that I now feel is Wonderful.  I am confident that under Dr.
Maya's care I will enjoy this sense of Wellness for the rest of my life.

Thank you Maya for all the treatments accompanied with laughter!

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