Weight Loss
Americans are overweight in epidemic proportions.

How did this happen?

Americans consume large portions of the wrong kinds of foods, such as refined foods
and snacks loaded with sugar, instead of balanced meals that include good-quality
proteins (fresh meat, poultry, and seafood), fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

These poor diet choices combined with a sedentary lifestyle cause weight gain,
resulting in numerous health problems.

Follow the detoxification program and you will achieve effective, gentle, sustained
weight management.

The ideal weight management program takes time. It needs to be
gentle, reduce
excess fat stores, be high in fiber and low in fat, increase muscle, and
ensure that the amount of metabolic energy being used is greater than the
amount of calories consumed.

All of this needs to occur without losing muscle mass, which can be maintained by
consuming vital nutrients.
Once the ideal weight is reached, maintaining it requires that
the amount of energy expended is equal to the energy intake.
Obtaining a proper
balance is key.
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Weight Loss
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